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ClipMon is a program for monitoring the Windows clipboard, displaying its content and managing previous clipboard contents, with a "luxurious" set of features.

Here you can look at some Screenshots of the ClipMon user interface

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Download the latest version of ClipMon. ClipMon is FREEWARE!

Some thoughts about the clipboard and how ClipMon makes it better:

From the productive user's perspective, the clipboard is one of the most important features of the (Windows) Operating System. It allows us to exchange data (text, pictures, files etc.) between different applications and so become more productive: For example, you might copy some picture from your web-browser to the clipboard, then paste it into your graphics program and modify it. Then you might save the modified picture to a default directory, from where you could copy the picture file in Windows Explorer to paste it together with other files e.g. into a specific backup directory:

Unfortunately, this important part of the Operating System in Windows has never evolved into something more than a very rudimental container which can hold only one item at a time. Furthermore, the underlying clipboard API (Application Programming Interface) is far from being optimal and often produces errors. Apparently, the product managers and strategists at Microsoft considered creating - among other very good things - better icons more important than developing the features of the clipboard? Maybe - many big companies have made their fortune by creating and selling millions of copies of a single original product. But they don't seem to be very happy with the idea of users copying so many things for their needs themselves...

The clipboard in the Windows operating system is like a "black box": You can put anything inside it, but then you don't see its content anymore until you get it out - an uncomfortable situation. (ClipMon makes this black-box transparent).

For these reasons many shareware- and freeware developers (why not one of the big software companies?) have created their own clipboard managers. These programs save the things copied to the clipboard to an archive or to a database to let the user reuse these items later on.

Now ClipMon has entered the stage with a new luxury version of a clipboard manager: The luxury part refers to both levels of functionality and user interface. Here is a list of a few things which ClipMon tries to make better:

While some other clipboard managers only present a simple text list of the copied Items,

ClipMon offers 4 different views of file-copies: Report view, List view, Icon View, Thumbnail view;

ClipMon History Browser shows the images of the clipboard collection with a customizable size;

ClipMon shows text-clips in their original format: Either simple text or formatted text ("RichText"), keeping all advanced text formattings and even images embedded inside the text!

ClipMon remembers for each text and for each image which program has copied it to the clipboard. Then the ClipMon History Browser displays the originating program and even the source document name for text clips, and the name of the originating program in the caption of the image thumbnails. It is even possible to filter the list of images by each of the originating programs!

While some other clipboard managers only have limited editing features,

ClipMon History Browser offers all the editing power of your installed graphic-programs by opening a selected image in one of your external programs directly from the History Browser. And then changes made and saved to the image in an external program are kept, so the editing is visible in ClipMon History Browser;

ClipMon History Browser allows you to edit and manipulate text in its internal text editor, also using customizable scripts.

While some other clipboard utilities show their content only when restoring their minimized window,

you can set the ClipMon window to transparent and topmost mode, so you can leave it always open without hiding other content behind the ClipMon window.

While some other clipboard utilities only allow to copy previous clipboard items back to the clipboard,

ClipMon allows the user to quickly and directly send the actual or a previous clipboard item in a customizable format to a preset mail recipient or to a preset custom directory.