Introduction to PA-RUN

PA-RUN is an advanced and innovative Program Manager (a professional tool for working with Windows Programs). As such PA-RUN has become an indispensable "Swiss army knife" for many power users, computer administrators, software developers and software testers, security experts, etc. Every serious Windows user should have it.


Initially, PA-RUN was  only a (much better) replacement for the Microsoft Run tool, hence the name. But after some time, the functionality of PA-RUN has become very powerful, so the users of PA-RUN keep it in their toolbox.


The program offers easy drag&drop operation in all areas.


The most easy and efficient way to open PA-RUN is with a Global Hotkey which can be configured on the PA-RUN Options page: helppage-hotkey
Then you must ensure that PA-RUN is automatically started with Windows (e.g. when you turn on your computer) by activating the Autostart checkbox: chk-autostart
You can access many features of PA-RUN by right-clicking the title-bar of any application window to show the PA-RUN SmartPanel where you can apply the PA-RUN features to the clicked application.
Right-click any file in Windows Explorer and send it to PA-RUN from the context-menu: contextmenu




Start a program and...

o...optionally monitor it in real-time for its network communications, started sub-programs, threads, modules, handles, memory consumption, CPU usage, process properties, IO Read/Write rate, ...

o... also monitor any other application running on your computer in real-time

o... export the real-time monitoring results as text or professional PDF reports

o...measure its exact start time and execution time

o...optionally monitor the output of console programs

o...optionally hide console programs

o...use parameters handling very conveniently

o...optionally start a program as Administrator (UAC mode)

o...or start a program in the same way as with Windows RUN, but in a much more comfortable way


Automatically keep a visual history of started programs and...

o...conveniently execute them from the History List (optionally in UAC mode) all their exact properties their binary checksum (cryptographic hash)

o...copy them to the clipboard as file or as path

o...virus-check them online

o...add them to the Windows firewall or remove them from the firewall

o...view them as thumbnails or as detailed list


Show several different program-lists...

o... Running programs on your computer

... show their commandline

... show their elevation

... and show many other properties

o... Show a program-search-list from different search areas

o... Show and edit a list of program documentations

o... filter and search each of these program-lists

o... use Drag&Drop operations EVERYWHERE


Easily transform a program using many options into...

o...a ShellLink shortcut (.LNK) with many configurable and easy options

o...a Batch file (.BAT) also with many configurable and easy options


Show a program's...

o...version info and export it

o...Resources (icons, images, etc.), conveniently and easily extract and save them

o...imported DLLs and export the list

o...binary structure ("Hex view")


A rich set of customizable persistent options
... allowing you to customize PA-RUN exactly to your needs.


All this and much, much more in one centralized Toolbox where all features are conveniently and logically connected with each other!