Startup Duration

When a program is started from the Program watch edit-field: program-watch-notepad , the program's exact startup-time duration is displayed here:




The time-display format is: minutes:seconds:milliseconds


The startup-time duration is defined as the time between program-start (e.g. the moment you hit the RUN button) and the creation of the program's main window. So this means that the startup-time of programs which do not create a window cannot be measured. But the vast majority of programs DO create a window, even console programs create a window: The CONSOLE window. Try it out with this Windows console program C:\Windows\system32\schtasks.exe:






The Startup Duration measurement is very useful for COMPARING how a program behaves under different circumstances, for example when loading different files at startup:


As shown above, notepad.exe took 515 milliseconds to startup on my computer. Bot now notepad has to load a 20 MB text file at startup which takes notepad 3.103 seconds to startup:






idea Hint: When you are making a series of tests to compare different startup conditions for a program or the startup durations of different programs then you should uncheck this option in the Watch section of the Options tab:




... because the Real-time Program Monitoring increases the program load which slows down the program's startup. However, the relative COMPARISON between different startup conditions or programs is always realistic for a series of tests whether this option is off or on.


Limitations: The startup duration for a program of course is not displayed if one of these options are activated:



In this case PA-RUN internally redirects the program's output and thus cannot show the console window.


If the console window is hidden then no window is created.


In this case the program is not started directly by PA-RUN but by CMD.exe.


In this case the user has to manually respond to the UAC prompt in which case the startup duration measurement cannot be exact.


Right-click Startup Duration label to copy its text to the clipboard.