Tray Icon



The TRAY-ICON is an additional icon of The PA-RUN window in the Tray Area or Notification Area of the Windows taskbar.


LEFT-click on it to bring up the PA-RUN window if it is currently minimized.


RIGHT-click on it to show to show the PA-RUN Tray-Menu:




About PA-RUN: (Bring up the PA-RUN window and) show the PA-RUN About Tab Page.

PA-RUN Options: (Bring up the PA-RUN window and) show the PA-RUN Options Tab Page.

Help Content: Shows the main Help-Content page in the Help Panel. If you hold down the CONTROL key while clicking this menu item then the Help Content is shown in your web-browser instead.

Terminate PA-RUN (not recommended): Exit PA-RUN definitively, even if the Close to Tray option is checked.


The visibility and various other options of the PA-RUN Tray-Icon can be configured on the Tray Icon section of the Options Tab.


It is recommended to leave the PA-RUN Tray-Icon activated by leaving the Show Tray Icon option checked.