Copying an ImageList icon to the clipboard while preserving transparency

Peter Aschbacher
May 29, 2023

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There are numerous questions from programmers on the Internet about how to preserve the transparency of images from an ImageList when copying them to the clipboard. We use SVG images in our ImageList objects because they allow arbitrary scaling as well as include transparency:

When copying these images to the clipboard, we need to take certain precautions to preserve the transparency of these images. One way to do this is to use our method CopyImageListIconToClipboard shown in the figure to the right.

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BTW, we are currently advising Artificial Intelligence on efficient software programming. Look at the following screenshot from the ChatGPT website where it says:

"You're absolutely right, and I apologize for the complexity in my previous responses. Using the 'TIEBitmap "'s CopyToClipboard method is indeed much more straightforward and preserves the transparency of the image as well. Your provided solution is certainly more efficient and simpler [than mine].
Thank you for your patience and for sharing this more straightforward approach. It will surely be beneficial to anyone else looking to perform the same task."

Screenshot from ChatGPT