Windows Shareware Applications by PA-Soft

 PA-RUN (The Better Program-Manager)

PA-RUN is a powerful professional Program Manager every Windows user should have. Simply drag a program(-icon) from the Start Menu or from any other source and drop it on the PA-RUN window. Then immediately look at the vast security report ("Security Icons") about the loaded program. Then look at the inner structure of the Program, at its resources, at its binary view, at its disassembled source code, and at a huge amount of other information. Easily extract the program icons by drag&drop, conveniently process the output of console programs, export the program as ShellLink-Shortcut or as a batch file. Then RUN the program and optionally monitor it in real-time, measure its exact startup time, and MANY other things...

Or virtually attach a Rich-Text documentation note to any program - PA-RUN is so useful: You will ask yourself how you could survive without PA-RUN!

PA-RUN also supports a very useful shell-extension: Right-click ANY application-window's title-bar on your computer-screen to display the SMART-PANEL which contains many useful PA-RUN commands.

PA-RUN is also integrated into the Windows Shell: Right-click any (program) file in Windows Explorer to send this (program) file to PA-RUN for analysis and processing.


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  • ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer
  • ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with Youtube Video Clip
  • ClipSmartPro Image Editor selection frame
  • The ClipSmartPro Rich Text Editor
  • ClipSmartPro Clipboard Clips support all foreign languages of the world
  • The ClipSmartPro HTML Editor
  • ClipSmartPro Image Clips

ClipSmartPro is an easy to use indispensable productivity tool EVERY Windows user should have! It combines and perfectly integrates an innovative Clipboard Viewer, a Clipboard Database, a Rich Text Editor, a Graphics Editor, an HTML Editor, a File Management tool and a Snippets Database! Quickly increase your productivity and your success with this unique software program which will become THE central tool of your daily work!
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