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New Software Product: Program Window Manager (PWM)
The essential utility that Microsoft forgot to include in Windows

Presenting our new revolutionary Windows software tool: Program Window Manager (PWM)
This new tool revolutionizes the way you interact with programs and their associated windows, granting streamlined access to a plethora of information and functionalities traditionally hidden within the File Explorer and labyrinthine settings dialogs. No more delving into obscure menus; with PWM, you have all these features at your fingertips. To unlock this convenience, simply hold down the CTRL key and left-click on the title bar of ANY window to show the PWM menu:


Click here to download Program Window Manager (Windows 11 + 10)

Click here to buy a License for Program Window Manager at a REDUCED PRICE 

 New Blog Postings for software developers

From now on we support the Developer Community with regular free Blog Articles about advanced Software Coding:

 Delphi MRU Project Manager is available

Delphi MRU Project Manager is a new and unique add-on program for software developers and engineers using Embarcadero Delphi.
At program start, Delphi MRU Project Manager automatically shows a list of all MRU (Most Recently Used) Delphi Projects from all Delphi IDEs on your computer:

The program includes many flexible search features, attaching Project documentation, and supports custom Project Groups. If you are a Delphi software developer, then try it out today - it is free and open-source:


 CERTFROMEXE is available!

CERTFROMEXE is a unique program which can extract the X.509 Cerificate from any signed Program (EXE) file and decodes all available data from this certificate:

 PA-RUN has been launched!

PA-RUN is the new "Swiss Army Knife" (multi-tool) for programs every Windows user should have! This incredibly useful Program-Manager shows you the security-status of any single program within 6 iconographic topics:

PA-RUN allows you to look deep into the inner structure of any program: From Version-Information down to the machine-code language, from DLL-information to a new innovative color-model of the section-structure:

PA-RUN is able to monitor not only the performance and the technical aspects of any program in real-time but also central security aspects of a single program. PA-RUN does not confuse the user with an unnecessary level of detail but sets the focus on essential aspects.

PA-RUN can even track the network connection of a potential spy program back to its geographic location!

Have you ever wished to use a documentation system for programs which is only one mouse-click away? Well, with PA-RUN you get it and much more: The PA-RUN SMART-PANEL is (so to speak) a new shell-extension provided by PA-RUN to let any program on your computer access the useful features of PA-RUN by simply right-clicking on the title-bar of any application window!

Read more about PA-RUN and its features and then download it for free to fully evaluate it for 30 days:

More about PA-RUN...

 ClipSmartPro 2.0 is here! (delayed until November 2018)

Important information: The launch of ClipSmartPro has been delayed for necessary and urgent maintenance and repair work until November 2018.

After some time of intense development, ClipSmartPro 2.0 - the powerful and outstanding Clipboard Manager - has arrived! There are many new exciting features, please read:

 NEW  Instantly create  Video Clips  in ClipSmartPro from Youtube! Then store them in your personal collection and watch them whenever you want!
ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with Video Clip
 NEW  Store your preferred Clips (e.g. code and Rich Text snippets, videos, file and document collections, pictures, etc.) in your customizable ClipSmartPro collection of  Permanent Clips  and re-use them whenever you want! It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
ClipSmartPro Permanent Clips
 NEW  Copy a picture from anywhere, then transform and edit it in the ClipSmartPro  Image Editor . Then insert it in your document!
ClipSmartPro Image Editor
 NEW  Create  HTML Clips  by copying a selection from a web page. Then edit it in the ClipSmartPro  HTML Editor  (WYSIWYG or HTML source). Then insert it in your web-design project!
ClipSmartPro Permanent Clips
 IMPROVED  Copy some text from anywhere and then edit and format it in the powerful  ClipSmartPro Rich Text Editor ! Then save the changes and paste it wherever you want!
The ClipSmartPro Rich Text Editor


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