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With Add A Caption you can quickly and easily add a highly configurable caption to a picture. This useful tool has features lacking even from advanced and expensive graphics programs. Add a beautiful nice-looking and informative caption to any picture in a second - e.g for your blog etc. Don't mess around with cumbersome and complicated monster graphics programs - do it the easy and simple way!
Create stylish picture captions by using colors from the picture to set the caption background color and text color.
The panel on the left side has intuitive controls for all the configurable parameters.
 Click on the thumbnails and then on the picture to enlarge it


Click on one of the thumbnails, then on the larger image to show it in a zoom window.

Get a picture in & Out

In: Drag a picture file from Windows Explorer and drop it onto the Add A Caption window, or paste a picture from the clipboard, or open a picture with the Open Image button, or click the Next Image button.
Out: Save, or Copy to clipboard.

Enter and position the text

Enter the Caption text in the Edit field. Fix the current Caption with the checkbox on its current position before entering an additional Caption on an other position (Bottom, Top, Center, Left, Right).

  • Resize the ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with the drag grip on right bottom corner

Format the Caption text

Design the Caption by selecting a text font from the Font Selector, add Bold or Italic text decoration, customize the text size and caption height and set an optional vertical offset for the Caption text.

  • Resize the ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with the drag grip on right bottom corner

Caption Colors

In Add A Caption, there are various methods to set the caption colors (create a contrasting and highly visible caption or a caption which harmonizes with the colors of the picture): Clicking inside the image, or using the Color Grid, or try your luck with random colors, or invert and refine text color and background color.

  • Resize the ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer with the drag grip on right bottom corner
  • Here the ClipSmartPro Clipboard Viewer is in TRANSPARENT mode

  Benefits Back to Top…

Add A Caption offers many benefits and added value for various target groups such as Bloggers, Consumers, Professionals, Content producers, Authors, Developers, Designers, Editors, etc.:
  • Quickly and easily add a nice-looking caption to any picture.
  • The program is very flexible and highly configurable.
  • The program has an intuitive user interface.
  • The program can use the clipboard and Drag&Drop for In & Out.
  • All features can be accessed with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Add A Caption is a portable program: You can put it on a USB-Stick and use it everywhere without installation.
  • Save money: You don't need to buy expensive programs for things you can easily do in Add A Caption.
  • Guarantee: Add A Caption contains NO spyware, NO hidden data transfer, NO trojan, NO virus, NO malware or damaging software!
  • And last but not least: Working with Add A Caption makes you smile because it's fun!

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This Windows program has been checked by the Top 40 AV programs and has been found to be free of any malware or spyware:

MD5 checksum of the file AddACaption


The program file is electronically signed by an Internationally Recognized Certificate Authority (IRCA).

DOWNLOAD Add A Caption 1.5 (Portable)

(Portable means that you don't need to install the program and can even start it e.g. from an USB stick)

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This program is free only for NON-COMMERCIAL PERSONAL use.

If used inside a commercial environment or any organization a Commercial License must be purchased!

Click here to purchase a License - 19 EUR

Software development is very expensive because it needs a large amount of resources and time and highly skilled developers. Please support the development of high quality software by purchasing a License.

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How to report a problem or a bug:

Reproducible bugs will be fixed in the shortest possible time!
Please follow these steps when you report a problem:
  1. Look in the online help (F1) to see whether there is a solution to your problem
  2. Try to isolate and reproduce the problem
  3. Write to PA-Soft and
    1. describe the exact steps needed to reproduce the problem
    2. Describe your computer configuration: Windows version, program version etc.

  FAQ Back to Top…

 Click on a question to see the answer:

I am not a commercial user. Should I buy a License?
YES! Buying a License allows us to add new features and fix bugs.
I have a suggestion for a new feature. How high is the probability that it will be implemented?
If you buy a License the probability is very high - because we do listen to our customers.
What will I get after having purchased a License?
You will get a special encrypted code; place it in the Add A Caption program directory and restart the program; the program will now show your name as registered.
How much does a License for Add A Caption cost?
It is only 19 Euro for a LIFETIME License!
I don't have a Credit Card or a PayPal account. How can I pay for the License?
Follow the Purchase link above. You can pay either with your Credit Card or Paypal or by Fax or by Phone or by wire transfer etc. Or even after getting an invoice (if you are an official organization).
There are rumors about an upcoming extended PRO version. Will I be able to upgrade when I purchase a License now?
If you buy a License now you will get a FREE upgrade to the PRO version which will cost much more! (This offer is valid only until the release of the Pro version)

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Version (Release date: 2014-09-05)
  New: Edit Foreground Color, Edit Background Color
 New: Edit Symbol-Bar