Custom Tools Options



This option allows you to configure applications to process program files from PA-RUN. This means you can send a program file from PA-RUN to such an application. Such applications could be e.g. a local malware-checker, a specialized resource editor, a specialized disassembler, etc.


The program can be sent to these applications from various locations in PA-RUN:

From the "Send to..." popup menu of the Program watch edit-field and from the popup menu of the Program/Parameters edit-field:
menuitem-sendto  Clicking this menu item displays the SendTo popup-menu containing the applications configured here on this Options page, for example:

From right-clicking a program in the History-List also displays the SendTo popup-menu which will send the selected History program to the clicked application.

From the context-menu of the Program Search window.

From the PA-RUN SmartPanel, by right-clicking the program-name label:


So how can the applications be configured on this Options page?

Insert exactly one application path per line in the text-area.

If the application path contains spaces then the application path must be enclosed in "double quotes".

After the application path insert one space character and then this text: "%1".

The menu-item will display the program name extracted from this text line. However if you want you can instead display a custom menu-item caption by inserting it between curly brackets at the beginning of the text line (see the screenshot above):
{My custom menu item caption}"C:\My custom tools\MyTool.exe" "%1"

Example for configuring a Compression program:

[pack]{Compress with UPX -9}"C:\Program Files\My Packers\upx.exe" -9 "%1"

[pack]: This tool is applied to the currently loaded program by clicking the disabled Compressed Security Icon compression-disabled

{Pack with UPX -9}: This is your custom caption of the menu item: compression-tool-caption

"C:\Program Files\My Packers\upx.exe": Compression program path (use double-quotes if it contains a space). Add a space after this.

-9: Any parameters for this compression program (divided by spaces). Add a space after this.

"%1": This will be replaced by PA-RUN with the currently loaded program.


Please also read on the Security Icon Controls page how you can configure custom menus to sign and compress the currently loaded program.

You must restart PA-RUN for this configuration to take effect.