Open the Program-List from this button on the Status-Bar: statusbar-button-programlist


This window shows a snapshot of all currently running programs on the computer and can be opened from the Programlist button statusbar-button-programlist on the Status-Bar. (Note: This is not a FULL process-list, as multiple instances of the same process and certain system-processes are filtered out). If you want to see ALL programs running on your cmputer including the system programs (but excluding multiple instances) you have to restart PA-RUN with elevated privileges by clicking Shield Icon shield-icon-blue in the status bar.


The items with a red-colored program-name text are programs running with higher privileges (Administrator privileges), for example:


You can use this Program-List to drag and drop one of its programs to the PA-RUN window, specifically to these pages:


Program Tab : The program will be inserted into the Program edit-box.

History Tab : The program will be added to the History-List.

Data Tab : The internal data resources (icons, cursors, etc.) of the dropped program will be loaded and displayed.

Tools Tab : The program can be dropped on one of the Tool-Buttons.

Or drag the program to a website for malware-checking, for example:



In the Program-List window, you can:

Change between the Thumbnails view and the Details view: programlist-view-thumbnails programlist-view-details

Filter the Program-List: programlist-view-filter

Refresh the Program-List: programlist-refresh

Drag one of the programs and drop it on:

oWindows Explorer to create a LINK of this program in that location


Select one of the programs to show its CommandLine in the Status-Bar

Right-click a program item in the Program-List to invoke a popup-menu with additional options:


oMonitor this program: Monitors this program in the Real-time Program Monitoring window.

oCopy Commandline: Copy the selected item's program-file path together with its start-parameters to the clipboard.

oCopy Program Path: Copy the selected item's program-file path to the clipboard.

oCopy Parent Program: Copies the name and path of the program which started this program to the clipboard.

oShow File Properties dialog: Display the Windows File Properties dialog for the selected item.

oShow in Explorer: Shows the selected item's program file in its location in Windows Explorer.

oProgram window: If the selected program has a regular window, in this submenu you can apply actions to this window:
Close this window: Closes the selected program's main window (which usually also closes the program).
Bring to foreground: Brings the selected program's main window to the foreground.

oVirus-check online...: Sends the program's unique MD5-ID automatically to the JOTTI Online service where it is searched in its database of 16 (!) different anti-virus programs. If the program has not already been scanned then click on the "Scan file" website button and drag the program from the PA-RUN Program List to the webpage.

oSearch in Google: Searches the selected item in the Internet with Google.

oEdit notes for this program: Edit the documentation for the selected program (see Program-Note Manager/Editor).

oSend to...: Send the selected program file to one of the tool programs configured in Options/Custom Tools.